SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing channels which brings organic traffic to your website.

A strategy for SEO is created by analyzing competitors, on-site, off-site, backlinks etc. With this strategy, the necessary SEO work starts for your website.

Google Adwords (Google Ads)

Google has the highest share in the search engine market with 92%! (according to 2020 data)
This is a market with more than 200 competing mega companies in total...

Therefore, it is extremely important to use your tools well (Google Ads correctly), 
develop with analysis and planning by making the necessary arrangements...

Google Ads also provides acces to Youtube and Gmail advertising tools...

Social Media Management

Today; thousands of businesses interact with social media, share their images or videos and follow other users/companies. It offers a great opportunity for companies that manufacture or market a product to connect with their followers (target group). 

A business that fully carries out its social media activities can create a two-way interaction of branding, while at the same time directing its followers / new customers to the Website.

Cedayart, collects the necessary information regarding your company's sector, creates content (graphic designs, texts) for you and manages your advertising campaigns.
This enables you to save time and bring your corporate identity to the forefront.